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Surrey Infared Inspection

A thermal imaging camera is the primary instrument used for this examination. Based on material properties, the thermographer will select camera settings and features to provide best imaging potential dictated by ambient conditions, and surfaces/materials to be scanned. The thermographer may need to adjust ambient conditions to improve the potential for observing thermal anomalies if present. If at the scheduled time of thermographic examination, conditions are not suitable for determination of specific issues of concerns, the thermographic examination may need to be postponed until suitable conditions are provided.

In conjunction with conducting thermal examinations, the thermographer will generally conduct a visual inspection of the subject property, to understand the nature of the various systems and components that make up the building. The nature and extent of the visual examination will vary based on the objectives of the thermographic examination.

Thermographic scans are systematically performed on surfaces with the intent of revealing thermal variations that would be typical of the defects suspected for a particular surface or component being scanned. For example, the purpose for scanning a door or window would be to identify thermal patterns consistent with air infiltration; the purpose for examining ceilings under bathrooms may be for the purpose of searching for evidence of water leaks below plumbing fixtures; the purpose of examining cathedral ceilings may be for the purpose of searching for areas of missing insulation, etc.

Other instruments may be required to assist in understanding or in verify the nature of an anomaly once identified. An example of this would be to use a moisture meter to verify that a thermal image consistent with a water leak is indicated independently as being wet. A second example would be to use a ammeter to check the value of current flow in an electrical wire that is displayed as hotter than expected in a thermal image.

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